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Mission Year invites you to use your gifts in an urban community for a year.

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Christian young adults since 1997 have devoted a year to loving God and loving people in the city through Mission Year.


Total service hours have been provided by Mission Year team members over the last 20 years.


Hours to 40 different community service sites and neighborhood ministries are provided each year.


Hours in neighborhood prayer walks, visitations, and community outreach are provided by Mission Year team members each year.


Of the most at-risk and vulnerable are served in Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia.


People hear about Jesus through Mission Year team members each year.

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    Why I’m Doing Mission Year: Emma-Claire Martin

    Campus ministry was not on my list of what to look for in a potential college. For me, God existed at summer camp. God sounded like guitars singing through cheap speakers, smelled like midnight campfires, and faded away as I drove home on Saturday. It wasn’t until my first year on staff that I wondered what life Read More

    God Was the Light Left On

    This is my first year as a city director for Mission Year, and within that role I have the privilege of walking alongside the team members in Philly as they live out the highs and lows of their year. A reoccurring conversation that I’ve been a part of with a few of them has centered Read More

    Being a Person

    When I returned back from Spring Break, Sacred Heart’s break had only just begun. This meant that last week was my first week back at work and it had been two weeks since I had been there. Factoring in snow days and missing art on Tuesday, that came to about 23 days without interacting with Read More

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