About a month ago I was challenged with the idea that whole of the Gospel can be summed up in the name that was given at Jesus’ birth: Emmanuel- meaning “God is with us”. God loved those who were made in his image so much that he came to be with us. To live the life that we live and to even die just as we die. And so what does that mean for us now? Should we not live in the same way? As I look at this time that I am in Houston doing Mission Year, I have had a lot of times where I wonder if I am doing enough, but, if I look at Jesus’ way of being with people, I realize that being here has a lot to do with being with. Yes, of course Jesus did a lot of things. He healed people, he performed miracles, he even preached, but what else did he do? He crossed divides to be with people. He shared meals with people. He went out of the way to talk to a Samaritan woman– someone who was labeled “a sinner”.

Jesus scolded a woman who was busy being busy and commended Mary who simply wanted to be with Jesus. Does this concept give you as much freedom as it gives me? Yes, I certainly did come to Houston to do good things, but it’s good to know that Jesus calls us to be with people. And so, on days where I feel like I’m not doing enough I can find comfort in the fact that I am here to love people here and right now. That means taking the time to be with them and listen to them. So I will be with my housemates. I will be with the guests at Star of Hope. I will be with my neighbors and I will find rest and peace in being with.


Image credit: Death to the Stock Photo


gracemyprofileGrace Kramer is a current Mission Year Houston team member. She is originally from Trevorton, PA, and you can learn more by visiting her blog or donation page