Happy New Year! We look forward to blogging and reading more in 2017. Here are, in no particular order, five of our top blog posts of 2016.


  1. “The first week of our tech fast I was more anxious, jittery, and distracted than I normally am, and I attribute that to not having my normal soothing technique. It was almost like going through detox, which is so not cool. I don’t want that to be my life.”

– Lessons from Tech Fast by Andrea Furrer


2. “But real empathy — true empathy — comes from growing with someone who is not like you. Someone who doesn’t look like you or talk like you. Someone who didn’t have the same upbringing as you. Getting to know that person. Hearing their stories, hearing their trials and struggles. Celebrating with their victories. Sitting with them in their grief and feeling it with them. That is real empathy.”

A Different Kind of Counselor by Christin McFadyen


3. “Work hard to dig a small place out for yourself in a constantly shifting world and help other people do the same thing. Speak up. Be quiet. Be open. Be suspicious. Explain yourself. Change your mind. Apologize. Let love be complicated, warm, and devastating while you figure it out.”

A Letter to My 25-Year-Old Self by Ashleigh Hill


4. “In some ways, it all works as a metaphor for what this year looks like. We’re here, trying our best to love and serve this wonderful and wounded neighborhood we’re living in. We show up with the tools we’ve been given and do our part to help make it work, to play a role in digging it out from underneath the crap that’s been piled on to hide its goodness and beauty. And we do that because, sometime between September and now, it became our home too, and we want to see the sidewalks cleared not because that’s a charming or inspiring thing to do, but because it’s how we take care of where home is. And we do it alongside a whole lot of other folks who feel the same way, except they’re even more invested, so they show us where to go and how to best help.”

– When a Blizzard Hits by Luke Hillier


5. “We all could have stayed home out of fear. But we chose to see our neighbors and to love them, rejecting extremism, bigotry, and hatred. Our interactions speak a powerful message. And while this is something I have believed in, the physical action transformed the belief and gave it power.”

Walking the Same Road by Christine Navin


Image credit: Death to the Stock Photo