Happy New Year! We look forward to blogging and reading more in 2018. Here are, in no particular order, five of our top blog posts of 2017.

“The old me would have been afraid to question my thoughts and actions and probably would have ignored my feelings on the inside. My awareness would have been in a slumber, I probably wouldn’t care to interact and build deep relationships with my neighbor and hold on to community as tightly as I do. I probably would have been so dependent on my parents, my faith would have been stagnant.”

The Person I Am Becoming, by Gerlisa Shipman


“Our passions are not random, the places we see God are not without reason, and it is my belief that it is through the love our neighbors that we can sometimes give but more often than not receive the love of God in real and tangible ways.”

“Are the Holes Just a Style Thing?”, by Erin Riley


Her confidence and trust in God, even in the midst of what often feels like constant chaos and challenge, has been a critical tether that has kept my own faith rooted, and it was so meaningful to get to share that with her and so many others.”

-Expanding the Boundaries of Family, by Luke Hillier


I think at the heart of every human is the ability to thrive, to live. To fight against resistance that comes against that. Even in apathy or confusion there is a life in that, in the struggle, showing there is something true worth fighting for and something much deeper wanting to emerge.”

Why Do You Endure?, by Sarah Fujimoto


“Once I dreamt I was in a church service where no one would take over my turn at serving Communion. Someone would take the bread, bow their head, smile, and move on. Someone else would take the blood, bow their head, smile, and move on. The continuous traffic of faith I couldn’t merge into went on and on and I just kept getting angrier and lonelier. Then I woke up.”

Tell Me If You Know All This, by Ashleigh Hill