On my housemate’s 21st birthday, her and I went out for an early walk for our community day. We left our house around 7:00 am and it was a cold morning. As we started our walk, we passed our neighbor who was also out walking his dog and puppy. We quickly stopped to talk to him and play with his puppy when he had asked me if owned a jacket. While I didn’t expect that morning to be as cold as it was, I left my house with a flannel on instead of a heavier jacket. I laughed and told him that I did but I was ill-prepared that morning. He said he just wanted to make sure because I would need one as it started to get colder.

This past Sunday, some of my housemates and I were on our way to the mall when we saw him outside with his dogs again. I quickly stopped by to ask him how his holiday was when he told me he had a coat for me. He quickly went inside his house and brought me this jacket. While I was confused at first I remembered our conversation from weeks earlier. The jacket he gave me is a nice fleece, black jacket.

While I have been shown and received acts of kindness before, this act of kindness is one that I have yet to experience. This neighbor has no reason to show compassion in this manner towards me. He has no reason to care about my well being, and no reason to go out of his way to make sure I was equipped for this winter (even if we are in Houston), but he did.

Being here I have seen many acts or glimpses that reflect Jesus but none clear as this one. Aside from gifting me with this warm jacket, this neighbor will never truly know what his actions meant to me.


Image credit: Death to the Stock Photo


Abby Salazar is a current Mission Year Houston team member. Originally from Woodbridge, VA, she attended Chowan University. Learn more by visiting her donation page.