Having been a Christian for all my life and a full-time community organizer in a low-income urban renewal spot neighborhood in Hong Kong for 3.5 years, I am desperate to sort out a lot of things. How could we stay hopeful in this unjust world? How could we not become burnt out when pursuing justice? What is the ultimate goal of pursuing social justice when it seems the world won’t really change much? I learned so much about justice from my non-Christian friends that I had gone through a hard time and I had many doubts on Christianity and church.


To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong


I really want to learn to integrate my Christian faith with my action in a sense that explores the deepest meaning of God’s truth and love, rather than using just some Bible verses to justify myself. I long for a community that encourages me to serve and pursue social justice, while putting as much emphasis on spiritual growth of both the ones who serve and are served. I hope to build a healthy lifestyle instead of  draining myself for the never-ending needs of the society. That’s why I find Mission Year an amazing surprise God provides for me – integration of community, justice, fellowship, disciplined lifestyle and spirituality.


Chor See Chan is an incoming Mission Year team member from Hong Kong. Learn more and support her by visiting our donation page!