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Josh and I grew up in the church, going to church camp, volunteering our time, and doing what was easy. We wanted to do something more, something challenging!  We wanted to stretch our faith and grow with each other and in Christ but we didn’t know what that looked like.

Josh and I were adult leaders at the Sylvan Hills Senior High Winter Retreat and we heard a story that sat right in our gut. It made us want to leap out of our comfort zone! It went like this: A group of people are all standing around watching a man tight rope across the grand canyon, they are hooting and yelling.  The tight rope walker wanted to continue impressing the crowd he had gathered so he began walking backwards and the crowd clapped and was amazed. The man did not stop there; he grabbed his bike and rode across and the audience was silent in amazement. He juggled fire bowling pins across and even went blind folded. The crowd was sure he could do anything by this time! The tight rope walker then pulled out a wheel barrow and asked the crowd for a volunteer. He told the crowd he is planning to put the volunteer in the wheelbarrow and go across the tight rope blind folded. Absolutely no one raised their hand, some people walked away, and some people laughed. This story made Josh and I think why are we not trusting in God and jumping in that wheel barrow even though we know he can do anything!? Why were we not trusting him with our whole heart? We knew right then that we needed to stop controlling our lives and let our future up to the one who knows best. Josh and I decided to jump in the Wheel Barrow.

After making this decision Josh and I still struggled with our future. We talked about buying a house, starting a family, going on a vacation, and traveling. None of this felt like it was what God wanted from us. We weren’t perfectly happy with any of those decisions. I found Mission Year on the internet and started talking to married alumni and finally filled out an application. We got accepted and since then we haven’t been distracted with other life avenues. We know that this is what God wants us to do RIGHT NOW. We know that God will continue opening doors for us and guide us step by step. For us, we are doing Mission Year to grow a stronger relationship with Jesus, each other, and to love everyone around us like we love ourselves.



Josh & Katie Fishburn are incoming Mission Year Married team members who will be serving in La Grange, GA. To support them please visit our donation page!