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A Beautiful Exchange

I was late to work. I typically read during my commute and while I was consumed by the material, I neglected to notice that I had missed my stop. Needless to say, I wasn’t really in the best of moods. Fortunately enough, my bus had arrived as soon as I exited the Alleghany station. I Read More


Here are some of the things I’ve been thankful for during my months in Houston: Presence. My time in Houston started with a technology fast. I’ve really appreciated the space that was created for me to be present and intentional with my team, neighborhood, surroundings, feelings and what God was doing as I settled into Read More

Why I Work for Mission Year

When I first began recruiting for Mission Year, I had the opportunity to go to Chicago to visit college campuses with our Executive Director Shawn. As we travelled from school to school, I began navigating how I would like to share my Mission Year story in a way that highlighted the places that I have Read More

What Being Black Means to Me

An identity crisis of sorts is what you can call the shifts that have been made during the past couple of months. What does it mean for me to be black? How do I feel about being black? How does this identity fit into the life I had before coming into Mission Year and the Read More

7 Books on Community and Faith

Want to deepen your knowledge of community and faith but not quite sure where to start? These are a few of our favorite book resources: 1. Community and Growth by Jean Vanier 2. Everyday Missions by Leroy Barber 3. The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris 4. Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Read More

How To Let Go

As a 40-something mother of four, I am thankful to a God who once planted into my soul that one of my greatest blessings would be to release our children into His service. I didn’t know the how, the when, the where, or the why…I only knew from very nearly the start of the parenting Read More

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