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One Month

One. Month. That’s how long I have here.  That’s how long I have with the roommates that have become family, with the neighbors that have become friends, with the smells and skies and sounds that have become home. Some days one month seems like it can’t come soon enough and some days it feels like it’s too Read More

Jobs vs. Year-Long Programs, pt 4

We get a lot of questions about why someone might choose to do a year-long program like Mission Year, instead of getting a job right out of college, or why someone might step away from a job in their 20’s, for a year. We asked one of our alumni her thoughts.   1. Did you feel pressure when Read More

Juneteenth Reflection

Today is Juneteenth, a holiday to remember the emancipation of African American slaves in our country. Although the Emancipation Proclamation was announced, many slaves in the south were not made aware of it until 2 and a half years later. Today we celebrate the victory of freedom and justice over centuries of institutional chattel slavery. Read More


As he bebops around our living room, break-dancing to one of today’s popular rap songs on the radio… I realize how much I have come to care for this 5 year old. Earlier we had been sitting on the porch listening to one of my teammates play the guitar, and while he was singing about loving Jesus, I asked Read More

Sometimes, I Don’t Want to Choose Joy

Over the past several months, our Mission Year family has talked a lot about seeking “deep joy” over “cheap fun,” and when we gather together, we share the ways that we’ve experienced joy during the week. Sometimes, these are real challenges. Sometimes, “cheap fun” just seems more fun, and sometimes there are weeks when it Read More

A Social Activist’s Repent of Racism

This last year has seen an increase in publicity of the conflicts in black and brown communities. For some, this exposure has raised awareness of the hardships of black and brown people. But regardless of truths being revealed, there has also been a refusal to recognize and accept that these problems are not new. White Americans and Read More

What Do I Do at Work?

“If somebody said show me the Kingdom of God on Earth, I would hope that you could say, ‘Go visit Lawndale, that’s the kingdom.’” -Wayne “Coach” Gordon (Pastor at Lawndale Community Church) I still remember when I first saw this video around my second week of working at Lawndale Christian Health Center. I was in Read More

A Tale of Two Cities

When you go through Mission Year you end up self reflecting more than you even knew possible. I had no idea there was so much in the depth of my soul that allowed me to tap into who God has fully created me to be. The more I learn about myself, the more I fall Read More

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