Love God. Love People. Nothing Else Matters.

Why I Work For Mission Year

I work for Mission Year because I believe it is possible to change the world with power of love. Not a love that I can fabricate, but a love that comes from the transformational work of God in our lives. It’s a love that Jesus taught and continues to teach. It’s a love that is Read More

6 Ways to Fast From Technology

At the beginning of each program year, we ask our team members to participate in a “technology fast” for the first few weeks they’re in their city. We do this for numerous reasons – it sometimes requires a strict policy to create enough space for individuals to taste the sweetness of a spiritual discipline such as Read More

God First

  One of my favorite neighbors recently passed away. Lemanuel was a great human being and a bold witness for God. Every day he sat on his front porch and reminded me to keep “God First!” It’s a phrase he would shout out whenever I or anyone he knew walked by. He said it so Read More


Without even realizing, I begin to fixate all my attention on God’s absence of speaking in my life. It’s honestly the easiest thing to focus on–much easier than my mess. It feels like an easy out. It’s an excuse to cling to discontentment. If I learned absolutely anything over this past year, the one thing Read More

Why I’m Doing Mission Year: McKenzie Watson

We asked some of our new team members why they’ve chosen to do Mission Year. Here’s what one of our Houston team members had to say.   I think it’s important that we understand why we’re doing big things in our life, why we choose to undertake massive personal transition, why we do difficult things (I’ve asked myself Read More

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