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The Covenant

On Sunday night I participated in a covenant ceremony. It marked us as a household committing to living with one another as well as possible. I have included the covenant at the bottom of the page. This was a very special moment, especially as the process of creating a covenant threw up some issues between Read More

Confidence, Conflict, Celebrations, and Coffee

Confidence, conflict, celebrations, and coffee. These four words have been very prevalent in my life these past few weeks.They are words that have been discussed, encountered, sipped on, and questioned. They are all things I am learning more about and that I am seeking to better understand in regards to their roles in my life. Read More

Neighboring Is…

Neighboring is worth it. Neighboring is worth it, but it is not easy. On Francis Street, neighboring was “easier.” But then again, it is always easier to look back and think of our past in an idealistic way. We lived in a neighborhood where many kids would ride their bikes through our yard, people would Read More

A Hope For Transformation & Growth

Last Thursday evening, after all the Philadelphia team members got off of work, we took off for the Pocono mountains for an overnight Solitude and Silence Retreat. About halfway through the drive there, I was struck by an odd recognition of how familiar this recently unfamiliar experience was. Instead of sitting on a crowded SEPTA Read More

What Shalom Means to Me

This year we asked Mission Year staff and writers to answer the question, “What does the word “shalom” mean to you? We’ll be sharing their answers on the blog each month. What does the word mean to you? When I starting thinking about what the word “shalom” means to me, I wondered about the how Read More

This Story is About My Sister and Me.

This story is about my sister and me. My sister is 10 months older than me, which means that for two months of each year, we are the same age. When we were little, I would long for my birthday month to arrive so I could jubilantly remind her of this – “You can’t tell Read More

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