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Mission Year 2015 Annual Report

  We’re proud to have finished our 2014-15 year in good financial and relational standing and we’re grateful of the generosity of our donors and supporters, which has helped us continue working in the cities and neighborhood where we serve.   Our annual report is now online! Click the link below and check out the work our team members did Read More

Not the Art Teacher

  At the Better Boys Foundation I work with children ages 5-12 and spend most of my time in the classroom for 5-7 year olds. I am there 4 full days each week and play all sorts of different roles. I am a pencil sharpener, a paper cutter, a basketball referee, a fire-breathing dragon chasing all the Read More

What Shalom Means to Me

Shalom is feeling. Shalom is movement. Shalom is hope. Words like peace, unity, restoration, wholeness are really beautiful. I believe that the meanings of these words exist on a relational level (and desire them on a systemic level) and I’ve experienced them in my life. These words, used to define Shalom, aren’t necessarily how I Read More

Reflections on our Technology Fast

During our first six weeks in Houston, everyone in Mission Year participated in a technology fast. Since we don’t have cable or a television in our home or internet to stream Netflix (or to do much of anything at all on a computer), this mostly meant that we couldn’t use our cell phones. With the Read More

What Shalom Means to Me: Passing of the Peace

This year we asked Mission Year staff and writers to answer the question, “What does the word “shalom” mean to you? We’ll be sharing their answers on the blog each month. What does the word mean to you?   Growing up attending Catholic Mass with my abuela Soledad was very meaningful to me. During the Read More

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