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Top 10 Blogs of 2015

Thanks for reading and blogging with us this year. Here are a few of our most popular blogs, in no particular order. Looking forward to blogging through 2016 with you!   One. “I think we can’t truly appreciate or truly know anything until we behold it, turning to it with intentional regard for its beauty.” Read More

Do You Create Calamity?

“I call you by name,  I name you, through you do not know me. I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; I equip you, though you do not know me that people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is Read More

Growing Pains

Recently, I’ve been experiencing what I’ve labeled the “growing pains of living in community.” These are the difficult places when I feel that my space, my time, my resources and my freedom are being infringed upon. These are also the beautiful places where my heart is softened and my posture is readjusted. Through this process Read More

Who is My Neighbor?

Last night I was challenged by this question, “who is my neighbor?” I really have never thought about it. I guess I always presumed that the person living next door to me was “my neighbor” and yet the Bible says “love thy neighbor.” That means that my definition of neighbor and the Bible’s definition of Read More

What The Hunger Games Reminded Me About Refugees & Faith

  I sucked in a breath when President Snow addressed Panem. “The enemy is not like us. They do not share our values. They’ve come to bury us.” Yes, he’s a fictional character from The Hunger Games Trilogy, and he’s referencing the rebels rising up to protest the absolute power of the Capitol. But I Read More

The Dark Side of Christmas

I am feeling mixed feelings about Christmas this year. With the persistent images of violence over our screens the last few weeks, it is hard to get in the Christmas spirit. I usually love this time of year: the lights, the snow, and the giving and receiving of gifts. Yet, this year more than ever, I am Read More

10 Ways to Be a Force for Justice This Christmas

With so much injustice and pain going on in our world, what we really need this Christmas is more justice, peace, and love. This Christmas, don’t give into the cultural forces that cause us to ignore suffering and consume at other’s expense; be a force for justice. Give the gifts of justice, peace, and love. Turn your Christmas Read More


I had a really good cry this morning. At the house that I had moved into just a few months ago I sat down on the front steps, put on my headphones and prayed a wordless prayer. Releasing my feelings to God. It was cathartic and felt very cleansing. I was crying because I was missing Read More

Myself for the Community

Saturday mornings we have curriculum times, which I believe are sacred times. The past two weeks it’s been down-pouring, and so for curriculum time the eight of us gather around our living room, with twinkle lights and candles burning, rain pounding on the roof and pinging on the stovepipe and filling up the ditches. We Read More

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