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Church Partnership

“Good morning family! Hug three people and tell ’em that you’re glad they made it to church today!” This is a typical greeting at my church.  From the moment you walk in, there is a feeling of family and community.  This church “gets it” when it comes to making one feel welcome. How grateful I Read More


Less words Since the end of December/early January this phrase is something that has come up again and again in both my heart and my mind. Less words  This isn’t my excuse for why I haven’t blogged very much. It is an acknowledgment that lately I have been pausing; considering my words before they fall Read More

What Shalom Means to Me: This is Shalom

This year we asked Mission Year staff and writers to answer the question, “What does the word “shalom” mean to you? We’ll be sharing their answers on the blog each month. What does the word mean to you?   Most days I live with this nagging voice within that tells me that I should have Read More

New Year, Not so New Me

This whole idea of “New Year New Me” has kind of been drilled into my head throughout my life. This idea that once a new year hits I will have a clean slate and a chance to transform myself into a newer and better person. I’ll admit that it’s a beautiful concept but what if embracing Read More

Home Litany

Leader: Where is home? What is home for the one who lacks four walls and a key? All of your life distilled to a few trash bags and tarp to protect against the wind, the sand, the sun, the cold? Easily packed up and made mobile to take to the next temporary resting place where Read More

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