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A Different Kind of Lawyer

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “What a sellout. This guy just did Mission Year so he could put it on his resume, scale the ivory towers of academia, and find his place in the middle class.” And you would be well justified in thinking so. Indeed, the values of humility, simplicity, and relationship-based Read More

A Different Kind Of Nurse

Prior to committing to Mission Year, I was 5 years into my career as a registered nurse in an inpatient, acute care setting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was confident and comfortable. There’s danger in comfort sometimes. It can lead to complacency, stagnation, and potentially stunt one’s personal growth. I found myself in that place where Read More

A Different Kind of Teacher

As an 18 year old in my 2nd semester of Bible College, I wrestled with the idea that this God I was learning about had been reduced to words on pages. Everything I “knew” about God could be acquired through the scripture, or through a textbook published by someone who had spent a majority of Read More

Fighting with Purpose

For our house of hooligans it’s been a great time to enjoy our regular rhythms together – cooking meals, visiting neighbors, patronizing Cream Burger, and laughing through most all of it. Even in some of the most mundane things, I can look back and smile about a silly memory we created. I cherish this lifestyle Read More

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