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Why I’m Doing Mission Year: April Clay

There is a lot that could go into why I’m doing Mission Year. Honestly I don’t have a direct answer to that question. I didn’t wake up one morning thinking I wanted to be a missionary. I didn’t wake up one morning thinking I wanted to go away for year. I wanted to be a Read More

Why I’m Doing Mission Year: Gabrielle Williams

I am choosing Mission Year because of two main reasons:   1. Obedience to God.  I’m at a place in my life where I’m truly serious about going even deeper in my relationship with Christ and learning to love Him and others better. After going through a tough beginning of 2015, I drew closer to Read More

What Does Shalom Mean to Us?

I live a fragmented life. I have lived this way for quite some time. I dabble in different spheres and with different groups of people. I have two part-time jobs which I love, but each can sometimes prevent me from being fully present and invested in the other. I feel like much of my life Read More

Walking on the Same Road

Philadelphia is believed to have more murals than any other city in the world; I have heard there are 3-5,000. However many there are, the number is continually growing. It is incredible. Many of them were created through the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, but also through numerous other organizations. Back in January, I, along Read More

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