Our Programs

Love God. Love People. Nothing Else Matters.

Mission Year One (MY1)

MY1MY1 is an entry point into a lifestyle of faith, community, service, and justice for 18-30 year-old Christians (single and married) in Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia for one year.

You will come alongside what God is doing in the city by partnering with local churches, non-profits, leaders, activists, and neighbors who are transforming their communities.

“Living in an urban neighborhood and spending time with our neighbors has made me more attuned to the struggles our neighbors face. It’s made me more motivated to shape my life around compassionate service because I’ve come to see it as an integral part of my call as a follower of Christ.” Mary Bingham – MY1 Team Member

MY1 Program Values
Faith & Justice
Deepen your relationship with God and live out justice by loving your neighbors as yourself and advocating for change in the neighborhood and world.
Community & Neighborhood
Live as neighbors and share life together in community with a team of Christians.
Diversity & Solidarity
Embrace a life of simplicity to enter more fully into solidarity with your neighbors. Share life and experiences with people who are different from you.
Partnership & Service
Become active in a local church and devote 32 hours a week in holistic service to those most in need.

Mission Year Married

Mission Year Married is similar to MY1 with a few key differences. In Mission Year Married, you live in community with other married couples, receive on-going marriage support and mentoring, read and discuss marriage-focused curriculum, and attend a marriage enrichment retreat.

Alum Leader Program

Alum LeadersThe Alum Leader program is a second year option for alums that want to develop leadership by mentoring a Mission Year One team. Alum Leaders live in the house providing additional support, care, and guidance. Must complete MY1 to apply as an Alum Leader.

Short Term

During our weeklong Justice Trips, participants will explore values of faith, community, solidarity, and justice, and reflect on ways to incorporate them into their daily lives back home. We offer an experience for any person, church or college group to experience the Mission Year lifestyle.

During the week you will:

Spend time connecting intimately with God both in the morning and evening.
Join in with what God is doing at local service organizations and ministries.
Spend a day on an Urban Solitude retreat to encounter God’s heart for people.
Engage in evening sessions of teaching from local leaders on topics such as faith, community, and justice.

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