Mission Year Diversity Commitment

Mission Year builds beloved community by equipping all people to love God, love people, and live out justice. As an organization, we appreciate and celebrate diversity as a gift from God. We are committed to creating communities where everyone is valued and supported in who God has created them to be. For Mission Year, diversity is not only a value, it’s a commitment.

Diversity Statements

God calls people from all backgrounds to be part of kingdom work so we welcome all to apply.

The majority of the global church (and world) is multicultural yet the majority of missionaries are white. God wants representatives who reflect the full range of God’s beauty and diversity.

Diversity affirms the dignity of the communities we serve. It affirms and empowers children and youth to see people helping and serving that look like them.

Our communities are filled with heroic servants of God working hard daily to make things better. We work alongside local leaders of color to support and develop indigenous leadership.

We place multicultural teams in racially segregated neighborhoods to witness to the unifying and reconciling power of the gospel.

We emphasize culture, racial justice, and self-reflection to help team members appreciate and celebrate their own cultural heritage and to discover how God can fully use who they are.

Our cities are rich with cultural and ethnic diversity. Team members will be encouraged to learn about the histories, struggles, and contributions of other cultural groups as well as their own.

Much of the poverty and injustice in the city is systemic. We will examine systems that keep marginalized groups oppressed. We will seek to become advocates for children and families struggling from racial and economic injustice.

Anti-discrimination Policy

We welcome all Christian young adults who are passionate and committed to following Jesus and living out justice. Everyone is created in the image of God so we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, class, or orientation. All are welcome and encouraged to apply!

Application Deadline