You desire to love God, love people, and live out justice! You are ready to be transformed by working for transformation in the city. Still, you have questions about how all this works. We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions, but if you don’t see yours here, please contact us.

Is Mission Year affiliated with a certain denomination or tradition?

We are an inter-denominational Christian ministry. We welcome Christians from all across the theological spectrum to come together to love God and love people in the city.

What is the age requirement of Mission Year?

Mission Year invites 18-30 year olds, single and married, to pursue a lifestyle of loving God, loving people, and living out justice in the city.

What cities is Mission Year in?

Currently, we have openings in Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia.

How are city placements determined?

We try to match applicant’s passions and skills with the needs of our local urban communities. We ask applicants for their top city preferences and do a skills assessment to make the best placements. Early bird applicants have a much greater chance of receiving their preference city.

Who are you looking for?

We are looking for passionate, committed people with a heart for Jesus and justice. We are looking for people willing to listen, learn, and become part of the life of the neighborhood. We are looking for authentic people with a diverse range of passions and skills that are ready to put the needs of others ahead of themselves.

Where will I serve?

In each of our neighborhoods we are partnered with dynamic organizations and ministries that are transforming the community. You will devote around 32 hours a week at a service site that is addressing the holistic needs of the most vulnerable in the city. To see a list of our current service site partners, click here.

What is justice?

We define justice as the way God intends the world to be. Justice is a tangible expression of love. It involves loving our neighbors in all the ways we love ourselves, standing with those who are suffering, and interrupting the systems that steal, kill, and destroy.

What areas of justice do you address?

We work in areas of education, homelessness, mentoring, arts, healthcare, legal aid, human trafficking, food justice, youth violence, immigration, community development, and public policy to give hope and bring about lasting change in our communities.

What are the program dates and application deadlines?

Mission Year runs from September – July each year. We accept applications on a rolling basis. For specific deadlines and program start dates, click here.

Will my friends and family be able to visit? Can I visit home during the year?

Yes! Each year we host two “Come and See” Weekends, and we encourage you to invite your loved ones to, well, come and see what your Mission Year looks like and to meet your new friends and neighbors. Also, Team Members have two weeks off for Christmas, as well as a Spring Break that coordinates with the public school calendar in your city.

Why Mission Year?

Many programs concentrate on service and discipleship, which we take seriously as well, but our relational focus in the neighborhoods where we both serve and live stands out as one of our most unique and transformative components. You will not enter the community as an “outsider” here to observe and help for a year. Rather, you will be connected with local leaders and existing efforts to learn from and work alongside to achieve the greatest impact in the community. You will not merely serve people, you will become neighbors, friends, and advocates for justice and change in the community. Mission Year also provides pastoral support and practical training for your personal growth and transformation throughout the year.

What is a Mission Year Arts Team?

We welcome artists of all kinds to bring their gifts, skills, passions, and talents to the neighborhood! Our arts teams are designed to help you merge your artistic abilities with your desire to grow your faith and love those around you. You will live with other artists and create a community that motivates, inspires, and cultivates a deeper connection between art and social change.

How is Mission Year Married different?

Mission Year Married is similar to MY1 with a few key differences. In Married Mission Year you live in community with other married couples, receive on-going marriage support and mentoring, read and discuss marriage-focused curriculum, and attend a marriage enrichment retreat.

What is Mission Year Two (MY2)?

MY2 is a second year program for those who completed MY1 and want to deepen their love and commitment to the city, deepen their relationship with God and their neighbors, and continue the journey of becoming an advocate for justice in the world. You must complete MY1 to apply for MY2.

What do people do after Mission Year?

Mission Year alums are serving in hundreds of different fields. Many are offered jobs in their Mission Year city, some go to college or grad school, some find new vocational direction and others continue on their path but with new eyes and purpose in their vocation. Want to talk to an alum? We can connect you with an alum in your area or your field of interest.

Can I earn academic credit?

Yes! You can earn undergraduate and graduate credit through Mission Year’s academic partnerships.

Can my college loans be deferred?

Yes! In most cases, your college loans can be deferred for the year.

Does Mission Year have short-term options?

Yes! Mission Year flips the script on the typical mission trip. For us, missions is not just a trip, it’s a lifestyle. Our weekend retreats and week-long justice trips bring together Christians from all ages and backgrounds to experience transformation by encountering God in the city. For an unforgettable experience that will lead to lasting change, bring your college group, church, or youth group on a Mission Year justice trip! Contact us for dates and other details.

How much does Mission Year cost?

Mission Year covers all your living expenses for the year including housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, and monthly living stipend so you can focus fully on loving God and loving people. Everyone is asked to participate in collective support raising efforts to help offset costs but everything is provided regardless of what you raise. We give everyone an individual and team goal to work toward and tons of support and guidance along the way. Bottom line, we do not want money keeping anyone from this experience. For information about our current goals contact our Development Director.

Don’t see your question here?

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk with you. Also, check out our Parent FAQs to learn answers to questions your parents may have.

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