Mission Year Married


“I have been changed in many ways this year. I have grown deeper in my understanding of God and His presence in this world. I have become more aware of who I am, what my values are, and what I want to do vocationally.”  Matt Hamilton – Mission Year Married team member


If you are you a married couple interested in doing Mission Year, then Mission Year Married is for you!


Mission Year Married (MYM) invites you to fall more in love with God, the city, and your spouse. MYM is a transformational journey for Christian married couples longing to merge marriage and ministry. In MYM, couples will live as intentional neighbors in an urban community while pursuing a lifestyle of loving God and loving people. While the program shares the same basic model as Mission Year One, MYM has some unique features outlined below.


You will be encouraged to grow spiritually as individuals and as a couple. Mission Year Married provides space for you to regularly connect with God and deepen your relationship with Jesus.


You will live in intentional community with other Christian married couples. In order to provide a sense of community, while also maintaining a relative amount of privacy, Mission Year will place you in a house or apartment with one or two other Christian couples. Each couple will have their own bedroom, but will share common living space, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and general household responsibilities.


You will address the needs of the neighborhood through holistic service. You and your spouse will be placed at a local ministry or organization where you can use your gift and skills to care for those most in need in the city. These sites offer a high level of responsibility and are organizations doing great work in the community.


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You and your housemates will partner with local churches, ministries, leaders, activists, and neighbors who are transforming the community. You will become actively involved in the life of a local church and find creative ways to partner with them in their outreach to the community.


You will practice neighboring by intentionally spending time with neighbors and loving them as you love yourself. Saturdays are set aside to connect with neighbors in organic ways. This may include tutoring kids, joining a pickup game, going on a prayer walk, visiting an elderly neighbor, or working alongside a neighbor in a community garden.


You will have opportunities to embrace God’s heart for diversity and build reconciling relationships across dividing lines.


You will live simply and sustainably in solidarity with your neighbors and those who suffer injustice. You will live on a limited budget and limit access to cultural privileges.


You will find tangible ways to advocate for God’s justice in your neighborhood and in the world. Mission Year works in areas of education, homelessness, youth mentoring, arts, healthcare, legal aid, human trafficking, food justice, youth violence, prison ministry, immigration, community development, and public policy to give hope and bring about lasting change in our communities.


The year starts in September with national orientation where you will join all the Mission Year teams for extensive training to prepare and equip you. You will also receive on-going training throughout the year on a diverse range of topics.


Marriage Enrichment
You and your spouse with meet monthly with a Mission Year Married City Director for support, and you will have a marriage-focused curriculum to read and discuss with your housemates. In addition, Mission Year hosts a marriage retreat to promote flourishing in your marriage and ministry. You will also have the option to meet with an urban ministry couple for mentoring and extra support.

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How much does Mission Year cost?


Once you arrive in your city, Mission Year covers all your expenses including housing, food, transportation, living stipend, and insurance (if you need it) so you can focus fully on loving God and loving people. Everyone participates in collective support raising efforts to help offset costs but everything is provided regardless of what you raise. We give everyone an individual and team goal to work toward and tons of support and guidance along the way. Bottom line, we do not want money keeping anyone from this life-changing experience. To talk with our Development Director about this year’s goal email: development@www.missionyear.org.


What happens when Mission Year ends?


Mission Year Married ends with a closing retreat in July to reflect on the year and prepare for what’s next. Some married couples are offered jobs at the sites where they have served and opt to stay in the city, some go to college or grad school, some return home, some sign up for one of our second year options. We work closely with married couples to help them transition well from Mission Year to mission life.


Can we stay in our community after Mission Year Married?


Some couples enter Mission Year with the intention of staying in their communities longer than a year. We love to see this kind of commitment to our neighborhoods and a lifestyle of service. Those interested in a second year can apply to Mission Year Two, a second year option for our alums to deepen their commitment to the city and transition to more long-term urban living.

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