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“My youth group’s trip to Chicago went great, and in my opinion was probably one of the most in depth weeks we have had for a mission trip! I could really see the impact that serving in love had on my young people. I think what really left an impression on me was how much some of my youth grew to know more about themselves because of the reflections we did in the evening portions of our trip. What also impressed me was Mission Year’s attitude toward young people and how passionate they were about seeing my group grow more in love with God and with the people in Chicago’s communities. It was a lasting experience and well worth every bit of effort!” Mike Chapman, Youth Pastor


We’re flipping the script on the typical missions trip.


For us, missions is not just a trip, it’s a lifestyle. Our week-long trips bring together Christians from all ages and backgrounds to enter into what God is doing in the city.


We believe God is alive in the city. We invite you to come visit us in the neighborhood, serve with us, learn from local leaders, and join in with the movement of God as you are challenged to love God and love people.


“Our spring break trip with Mission Year was a transformative experience, both individually and communally. I saw the ideals of justice and compassion, of walking alongside the marginalized and the outcast, that I’d read about in my Bible being lived out in today’s world and was challenged to figure out how to do so myself. Our group was exposed to injustices and hardships that our comfortable lifestyles had sheltered us from, and getting to process that together shaped the way we went on to relate to one another and those around us.” Jenna Marchese, college student at Denison University

Mission Year emphasizes a philosophy of mutuality in missions. Our mission is to not only serve others, but allow ourselves to learn, grow, and be transformed through our encounters with God and others in the city. Learning to see where God is at work in the people and places where you serve is just as important as any service work you actually perform.


During our weeklong Justice Trips, participants will explore values of faith, community, solidarity, and justice, and reflect on ways to incorporate them into their daily lives back home. We offer an experience for any person, church or college group to experience the Mission Year lifestyle. During the week you will:


  • Spend time connecting intimately with God both in the morning and evening.
  • Join in with what God is doing at local service organizations and ministries.
  • Spend a day on an Urban Solitude retreat to encounter God’s heart for people.
  • Engage in evening sessions of teaching from local leaders on topics such as faith, community, and justice.
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Safe and secure lodging w/ shower facilities
Groups arrive Saturday evening after dinner or Sunday evening after dinner.
All breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and three dinners are provided. Groups have one evening off to go out to eat dinner as a group.
Daily schedule and evening programs provided


Cost: $275 per person (transportation to city and within city not provided)


Justice Trips run February through June of each year, based on availability. Spots fill up far in advance, so availability for some dates may be limited. Contact if your dates are not flexible.


For more information, or to register a group, fill out the contact form below.


City locations include: Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia.


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