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In addition to our year-long programs and justice trips, Mission Year hosts transformational events, trainings, retreats, and pilgrimages to equip people to embody love for God and people.


Justice and Spirituality Retreats
Our Justice and Spirituality retreats provide space to explore the dynamic intersections between faith and justice, love for God and love for people, our inner and outer lives. In the person of Christ we see the embodiment of humanity and divinity, there’s an intimate connection between the spiritual and social realms. Our polarized theological and political climate creates deep divisions between these two inter-related areas, causing us to choose between having a spirituality rooted in God or a call to pursue social justice. But love for God naturally flows out into a love for neighbor, spirituality and justice are intimately connected. Spend intentional time with God, take a deeper look how our spirituality belongs alongside our intentionality with justice, and what that means for how we live in society and community.

We host Justice and Spirituality Retreats at our Mission Year main office and also on college campuses and churches across the country.

For more information email Ra, our National Program Director.

Solitude Retreats
Every year, we host solitude retreats in each of our cities for our Mission Year participants. It is a time to connect with God, self, and others. The day involves guided times of solitude, exploration of different prayer practices, and communal sharing and reflecting. Our Solitude day retreats are open to anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship with God and find sustainable spiritual practices.

Our annual solitude retreats happen every October.

People of Color Retreat
This retreat is a space for our team members of color to process, listen, dialogue, and have time to spend intentionally thinking through their identity and how they are navigating the multi-ethnic/multi-racial aspect of the Mission Year program, living in the city, and their own vocational discernment process. This retreat takes a specific focus on spiritual practices and self-care, both individual and communal.
Leadership Retreat
Our leadership retreat is a space for our alum leaders from each of our teams, in each of our cities, to connect with each other, rest and rejuvenate. The alum leaders spend time with Mission Year’s program director reflecting on how the year has shaped them so far and how they want to continue to grow in how they understand their leadership and what that looks like in daily action.
Urban Solitude Retreat
God is calling us to be people that are paying attention to God’s movement and presence in the world. We believe God is alive in the city and want to invite participants to enter in, to embrace the chaos, to quiet their hearts, and be open to the beauty of God in and around themselves. We don’t need to escape the busyness of life to find God. So we spend a majority of this retreat right in the heart of the city practicing presence and paying attention to where we notice God’s movement in ourselves, others, and the city.
Marriage Retreat
The Marriage Retreat is an intimate weekend to deepen your marriage and connect with other married couples who are intentionally pursuing a lifestyle of loving God and loving people. The retreat is held in one of our Mission Year cities each year the weekend after Valentine’s Day and includes an opening dinner and session Friday evening, Saturday sessions and date night activities, and Sunday morning reflection service. The cost of the retreat is only $150 per couple which covers Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, meeting spaces, retreat facilitators and materials. Local couples can commute each day to the retreat or book a room at the retreat hotel along with out of town couples. This is a great weekend to prioritize our marriages and renew our relationships! We hope you will join us for this meaningful marriage weekend!

For more details about this year’s marriage retreat, contact us through the form below.


Civil Rights Pilgrimage
Our Pilgrimage: From Civil Rights to Racial Justice is a three-day, two-night collective journey for justice advocates to visit historic Civil Rights sites in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Tuskegee and to engage in critical dialogue around the current realities of race and justice in our nation. With the racial tension in the United States and legislative debates surrounding the criminal justice system, we are aiming to engage with each other in a conversation about reconciliation and reform. On the heels of events like Charlottesville and the chaos in Washington, proactive conversations about healing are needed more than ever. We would like to invite you to come with us in an effort to honor and learn from past struggles surrounding systemic racism and ultimately find inspiration and strategies to move forward together in this time of crisis. Included in the pilgrimage will be a visit to Equal Justice Initiative, an organization founded by Bryan Stevenson and committed to defending people on death row and working for racial justice reform. Our Pilgrimage is a collaborative initiative sponsored by Mission Year and Communities First Association offered in January.
Global Pilgrimage
Engage with faith and justice advocates in a global context. The Global Pilgrimage is a carefully curated group of leaders, ministers, community development practitioners, academics and activists who are interested in exploring intersections of faith and justice beyond their own context. Mission Year offers delegation trips to South Africa, Kenya, and Guatemala to learn from local leaders and dialogue around common issues facing our communities. You will learn about the history of social movements in the country, explore significant cultural sites, and visit with dynamic faith-based community organizations and leaders who are addressing areas of injustice such as poverty, racism, health and child welfare, and human trafficking, etc. Each global pilgrimage has facilitators who create spaces for personal and group reflection and local guides who know the context and issues impacting local communities.


Soul Force Trainings
Shawn Casselberry and Reesheda Graham-Washington, authors of Soul Force: Seven Pivots to Courage, Community, and Change, have developed a training that will activate and equip you to develop your own capacity for courage and change. Soul Force is a call to authenticity and embodiment of Christlike love in all areas of our lives. Building on Gandhi and Martin Luther King’s philosophy of truth and nonviolent resistance, Soul Force helps people of faith make shifts toward beloved community, which includes moving from fear to freedom, barriers to bridge building, self-centeredness to solidarity, hurt to hope, consuming to creating, charity to change, and maintenance to movement. This training is designed for churches, community groups, colleges, organizations, and book clubs that are interested in awakening souls to the power of courageous love in action and moving people from personal transformation to community and systemic change.
Launch^ Trainings
We host Launch^ Trainings for orgs, churches, colleges who are starting up community houses, internship and discipleship programs where we share some of our best practices (and mistakes) over the last 20 years. We have helped over 50 organizations launch programs in cities across the country. The Launch^ training includes discussion and resources around program development and structure, curriculum, community resources, support systems for volunteer care, diversity, recruitment, and support-raising/development. You will leave with a binder of resources and tools to help you effectively launch your program.

The Launch^ Training is $1,000 for the day training. On-going consultation is available for $50/hr.


Speak Up!
Speak Up! events are justice-oriented benefits to gather people, showcase artists, and raise awareness around different topics and issues that are impacting our cities. Past topics have included advocacy, homelessness, racial justice, cultural diversity, systemic injustice.
Come and See Weekends
Come and See Weekends are opportunities for family, friends, community members, and applicants to come visit our cities and get a glimpse into the Mission Year yearlong program. We offer two Come and See Weekends a year, one in February and one in June, in each of our cities. During the weekend, you can interact with team members and staff, visit service sites, hear more about what God is doing in the city, and attend a Mission Year partner church.

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